Dryer Roller

The dryer roller is a very important part of the dryer and also a very good item to purchase. If you are a supplier or manufacturer in need of a dryer, Semzohc will be your first choice for purchasing dryer rollers. We have a complete line of products to finish your order, so please click the button to request a quote!

Wide Application Of Semzohc Dryer Rollers

Cloth dryer rollers are used on various dryers, and to ensure that they run smoothly, we have to replace old and worn-out dryer drum support rollers in a timely manner. Whether your dryer brand is Samsung, Maytag, Whirlpool, Kenmore, or LG, Semzohc can basically find the right brand of dryer roller replacement you need.

Merits Of Semzohc Dryer Rollers

Semzohc dryer rollers are designed to solve simple problems you encounter when using your dryer,such as dryer not tumbling. What's more, Semzohc dryer rollers can offer you the following significant merits.

Efficient And Silent Environment

Semzohc dryer rollers can replace old and worn rollers.With new Semzohc dryer rollers,you can say goodbye to the problems about the dryer rollers squeaking and the noise,uneven drying plus tangled clothes,and say hello to the efficient dryer,silent environment.

Premium Quality

Semzohc dryer rollers are made of high quality,hard wearing and safe material.It is important to replace the dryer rollers kit regularly to maintain the dryer's normal operation and prolong its use.

Choosing Semzohc is choosing peace of mind and quality. Come and shop now and let your dryer work as new! Refresh your clothes and make your life better! Act now and choose Semzohc to give your dryer a new lease on life!

Semzohc——Dryer Roller Manufacture

Semzohc,your partner of producing various kinds of appliance parts,has been producing and selling appliance parts for over 20 years.We will craft the dryer pulley and rollers accurately to provide you with the best service possible.

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How to tell if dryer rollers are bad?

When your dryer drum squeaks, it's a sign that damage may have occurred to your dryer wheels.

How to replace the rollers for dryer?

The procedure to replace the dryer wheel is very simple, you can refer to the following steps:

1. Cut off the power supply

2. Lift the top panel of the dryer

3. Remove the front panel

4. Move the dryer internal drum

5. Remove the drum support wheel

6.Install new support wheel

7.Reinstall the removed parts

8.Connect the power supply to restart

How to prevent dryer rollers keep wearing out?

In order to extend the life of the dryer, we can use the following operating methods in our daily life.

1. Place clothes in accordance with the capacity requirements, so as not to overload the dryer.

2. Add grease for dryer rollers appropriately.

Which brand of dryers will the dryer pulley and rollers fit?

Semzohc dryer idler rollers have a wide range of adaptability. We make dryer rollers for LG, Kenmore, Maytag, Whirlpool, etc.