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What People Are Saying

Better than original

"These replacement knobs arrived in good package, they are also much cheaper than buying even one replacement original knob. The stem are made in metal while the original knob is in plastic.Be sure to remove the inside ring of the original knobs prior to installing the new knobs. I highly recommend these knobs!"

Allen L.

Pretty good quality

"Pretty good quality, looks shiny. The center part is steel, very nice replacement for the plastic knobs.Easy to install, fit snugly (needed a good push to lock into place), look good, and work great. They are solid and I do not expect to have the same issues I had with the plastic originals. Easy to install, fit snugly, and work great."


Fit properly

Most of the knobs that came with my Whirlpool cooktop were broken. They got to the point that they were dangerous because they couldn't be relied upon to turn the burners on and off properly. I would not have waited so long to replace them. I'm so glad I finally did. Even my kids talk about how much better these are!

C & T Haun

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