Ningbo Jointgo Co.,Ltd., has been producing and selling appliance parts for over 20 years, supplying top brands including samsung, Whirlpool, LG, and others. In the field of Appliance Parts, our products including Dryer Parts, Wash Machine Parts, Oven Parts, Stove Parts, Refrigerator Parts, Power Tools Parts, Vacuum Cleaners Parts etc.. Beside, we also producing plastic injection pipe connectors and some other plastic products.

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    We have over 3000+ customers from over 80 countries worldwide.

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    Each year we produce and develop huge numbers of parts and accessories.

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    We are 7/24 available for your needs.

Life catches us off guard, but it also gives us more possibilities.

For example, I have a friend whose clothes dryer is broken. It is very expensive to buy a new one. He endured for several days without drying his clothes, causing him to feel bad all week. But one day he found that the parts of the dryer can be replaced, and the price of the parts is too much cheaper than that of the dryer. He immediately placed an order and the parts arrived in two days, He watched the installation tutorial on youtube and spent about an hour to complete the installation, which not only solved his problems perfectly, but also learned to solve family problems in the simplest way, replace home appliance accessories and create a better life.