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Whether you are a small business customer who likes to do your own DIY research on heating elements for dryer, a repair company that specializes in repairing dryers, a wholesaler that makes electric dryer heating element or gas dryer heating element, or a manufacturer that makes dryers, Semzohc have enough equipment and raw materials to produce high-quality clothes dryer heating elements for you. Come and click the button to get a quotation!

Good Dryer Heater Element Supplier——Semzohc

Semzohc dryer heating elements are available in different models to fit various brands of clothes dryers. This section displays the 5 categories of Semzohc dryer element replacements according to the brands with which they are compatible, namely Whirlpool, Samsung, Maytag, Kenmore, and Frigidaire. Our dryer heating elements are made of high-quality metal, which is sturdy and durable.

In addition to the brand categories, we have also set up some more popular and hot-selling heating element display modules. You can slide down the page to see products such as the 279838 dryer heating element and the dryer heating element part 3387747, which are suitable for most brands.

You can click on the category image of the product you are interested in to easily enter the product collection page and view the detailed description of the product, customer reviews, or any other information you may find interesting.

Advantages Of Semzohc Heating Element For Dryer

Semzohc dryer heating elements are designed to solve common problems you encounter when using your dryer. What's more, Semzohc dryer heating elements can offer you the following significant advantages.

Enhance efficiency

Semzohc dryer heating element can enhance the drying efficiency,allowing your clothes to dry thoroughly in less time, thus saving you valuable time.

Protect clothes

Semzohc dryer heating element can protect your clothes from heat damage.

Reduce noise

Semzohc dryer heating element can reduce the noise so that it provides you a quiet environment.

Semzohc——Dryer Element Manufacturer

Semzohc,your partner of producing various kinds of appliance parts,has been producing and selling appliance parts for over 20 years.We will craft the heating elements accurately to provide you with the best service possible.

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What is the dryer heating element?

A good heating element allows the dryer to generate heat quickly at start-up, ensuring that the dryer will run long and efficiently while it is working. And the Semzohc heating element is made of high quality metal, which ensures the durability of the heating element.

How muck is clothes clothes dryer element?

There are cost differences between different heating elements for dryer replacement , depending on the suitable brand, model and order quantity of the heating element, etc. The price for heating element for the dryer should be required a combination of factors to be considered

How to replace the heating component dryer?

Replacing the heating element of your dryer is a simple task, and the main steps will be described below for your reference:

1. Turn off the power and wear gloves to ensure the safety of operations;

2. Remove the back panel of the dryer;

3. Test the electrical components to determine whether they can be used normally;

4. Disconnect the old broken heating element;

5. Connect the new heating element to ensure that the dryer can produce heat to work properly.

What should you do to prevent dryer heating elements not working?

In order to ensure the normal use of the dryer and even extend its service life, we need to pay attention to avoiding overloading, regularly clean the air vents, as well as timely replacement of aging or broken heating elements. At the same time, we should pay attention to choosing reliable quality and stable performance of the dryer and heating element.

Why should you buy dryer heater from Semzohc not from other suppliers?

We produce full range of Appliance Parts for over 20 years, we have professional R&D department and QC team. Our sales team have over 20 years foreign trade experience. We do OEM parts for lot of top brands such as Whirlpool, Samsung and LG etc.